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Ensemble is a fusion of architectural artistry.

It's a place where people from all cultures come home to luxury, to community and to live as most as one can.


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Like The Bass of A Chello

Like the bass of a Cello emerging from below to embrace the unmistakable Piccolo from a top, so does the culture of yesteryear surround and support the hip flair and style of today.


Ensemble was designed and crafted by artists with a passion for life and living. Connecting with Brooklyn's wondrous
past and dashing into her future, an edifice emerges that is unmistakably Brooklyn. Ensemble entwines the culture and life which is prevalent in your every step here
in Brooklyn. 


It's more than just luxury. Ensemble is

a harmonious celebration of colors, elements and amenities with a purpose to not just provide a luxury living but to live life to its maximum. Here is home. 


The more things change,

the more they stay the same.

Brooklyn's common denominator is

the conflation of History and modernity. Brooklyn brings to life an amazing new culture which celebrates the old and embraces the new.


It's more than just the hip and the contemporary, its the mod enveloped

with by old. Yesterday comes alive with

an atmospheric sense of history through architecture and storytelling at every turn.

Yet the tantalizing beat of the future is palpable everywhere.   





Ensemble Luxury residents boasts of the most modern and state of the art amenities for our residents enjoyment. Whether in the mood of a rigorous cardiac regimen or prefer to relax in our lavishly appointed media room, the choice is yours for the taking. 


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